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Winter Inspection

Get your car ready for winter with our Winter Inspection package.

In the inspection we will check:

  • Anti-freeze – report on the anti freeze strength/minimum temperature and top up as required
  • Cooling system – report on the condition of the coolant hoses to alert you to possible premature failure
  • Battery - ensure your battery is working properly
  • Starter motor and charging system – ensure the operation of the starter motor/charging system
  • Ancillary drive belts – ensure that your vehicle's drive belts are in good condition to ensure correct operation of the engine ancillaries
  • Lights - ensure that your lights are in correct working order
  • Wiper blades - report on the condition of your wiper blades
  • Windscreen wash and anti-freeze levels - ensure your windscreen washers won't freeze with a top up
  • Tyres - ensure they're at the right pressure and check that they are in good condition
  • Air con – test your air con to make sure it's de-misting your screen effectively
  • Oil level - ensure your engine's oil condition and level is adequate